Spring Cleaning with RVandOffRoad.com

We are about to mark our one-year anniversary living and working in the high desert of Southern California.  The transition from the lowlands of Cucamonga and Ontario, Calif where congestion finally squeezed us out was fairly smooth, though it took time and we did lose contact via telephone and email for awhile.  In the process of upgrading the lives of those of us who relocated to fresh air, blue skies and horizons that reach 50 miles nearly everyday, several products were sidelined to focus on the most popular things that we make. A couple of new items have been added to benefit the  active camping lifestyle and we do have a great new product under development for the fisherman.DSC01036

Celebrate the Spring season with us and take a 12% discount on any product at www.RVandOffRoad.com.  Kindly link this offer to your friends clubs and organizations because this offer extends to everyone and ends on April 30, 2017.  Order online and type in the promo code or give us a call at 800-216-1664
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Removing old film from front of Coach

I had another lengthy conversation with Bob, from Florida, this week regarding the crapped out “protective” film on the front of his ’04 Diplomat. So, here are a few worthy tips I have picked up from people who tasked themselves to remove this stuff from the front of their rolling homes. Some succeeded while others simply went mad.

First and foremost, expect your endeavor to last at least two full days.  Mind numbing patience is a virtue, here.  Use what ever tool you find that works best for you to help peel the film away.  My shop has used plastic squeegees and hard wood wedges with out damaging the paint. Never try to pull the film straight up, 90 degrees, from the surface as that can pop bits of the gel coat and paint away leaving a crater in the front cap.  Instead, pull it backward as flat on the surface as you can.  A heat gun can be helpful to soften the adhesive but you will have to go above 180 F and that could scorch your fingers so consider gloves if you do that. Another helpful tool is a vise-grip, or similar tool, with a broad, flat gripper.  We use these for stretching fabric evenly without leaving stretch marks on the finished product and it really saves the hands and fingers from brutality.  If you use regular pliers it will help if you file down the serrations to help prevent tearing the film as you pull it.

After the film has been removed bit by bit, piece by piece, the aged adhesive will still be there to torment you further.  There are many commercial glue removers on the market but in my experience they aren’t worth the time to take the cap off the bottle, for this purpose anyway.  What I have learned from pioneers who were successful with this task is that kerosene works best and will soften the goo without drying quickly and that will allow you time to scrape it off.  Your local Housewife Hardware store sells kerosene for about $45.00 for 5 gallons and it is available in smaller sizes.  I have no idea how much it takes. But if you really find yourself in trouble with this project you can pour it on the ground in a SOS configuration and set it afire.

Good luck and remember, no cerveza until the job is complete and by all means, don’t smoke around the kerosene.





Top Cars Towed Behind Motor Homes

Top Ten Cars Towed Behind Motor Homes in 2016

  1. Jeep Wrangler 1987 – 2016
  2. Honda CRV  2007 – 2014
  3. Jeep Cherokee  2011 – 2016
  4. Jeep Grand Cherokee  2014 – 2016
  5. Chevy Equinox   2009 – 2017
  6.  Cadillac SRX  2010- 2016  
  7. Ford F150  2012 – 2016
  8.  Jeep Liberty  
  9.  Ford Focus  2012- 2016
  10. Chevy Sonic

These numbers are reflected in our sales of Tow Car Shields for the year.  Mr. Peabody (staff member, by the way) stepped into his Way Back Machine and discovered that before General Motors screwed up, Saturn comprised 27% of towed cars.  Trends can turn on a dime though and according to our data popularity of the Wrangler dropped precipitously in the 4th quarter.

My personal take on this data and conversations with hundreds of RV travelers is, if you are shopping for a ride to tow behind, find a low mileage certified Honda CRV and buy it.

Mitchell Schliebs

Merry Christmas

Peace and Prosperity to all.

Happy Holidays!

We’ve decided to do something a little different this year for the holiday season…


For the first time ever, we’re offering a special on our tow car shields and coach masks. From November 24th through December 20th we will be offering free shipping to the lower 48 states on these two products.

So if you’ve been considering a Tow Car Shield or Coach Mask, don’t miss out on this deal!

Mitchell Schliebs

WindTamer – KickStarter Launch


All our hard work has come to an end: the WindTamer is now live on KickStarter!

(You can view it by clicking HERE.)

But this is only the beginning. We now need the help of everyone out there to make this project a success!

If you are reading this right now and love the outdoors, but hate cooking outdoors: Go buy our product. Right now. This one’s for you. If you know someone who camps, hunts, travels, explores, or does any kind of outdoor cooking: Tell them. If you think we just have a great idea and you want to see us succeed: Pledge a small amount.

Like any good thing, this too must come to an end. Our deadline to meet or exceed our goal is December 22nd 2016. After this deadline we will be offering the WindTamer for retail purchase on our website, but the cost will be full retail price. Right now to help us raise the capital we need to make this product we are offering the WindTamer at a discounted rate with a bunch of terrific add-ons. (We’re not sure which – if any – of the add-ons will make it to the web store so don’t wait!).

Happy Trails!