WindTamer – KickStarter Launch


All our hard work has come to an end: the WindTamer is now live on KickStarter!

(You can view it by clicking HERE.)

But this is only the beginning. We now need the help of everyone out there to make this project a success!

If you are reading this right now and love the outdoors, but hate cooking outdoors: Go buy our product. Right now. This one’s for you. If you know someone who camps, hunts, travels, explores, or does any kind of outdoor cooking: Tell them. If you think we just have a great idea and you want to see us succeed: Pledge a small amount.

Like any good thing, this too must come to an end. Our deadline to meet or exceed our goal is December 22nd 2016. After this deadline we will be offering the WindTamer for retail purchase on our website, but the cost will be full retail price. Right now to help us raise the capital we need to make this product we are offering the WindTamer at a discounted rate with a bunch of terrific add-ons. (We’re not sure which – if any – of the add-ons will make it to the web store so don’t wait!).

Happy Trails!

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