Top Cars Towed Behind Motor Homes

Top Ten Cars Towed Behind Motor Homes in 2016

  1. Jeep Wrangler 1987 – 2016
  2. Honda CRV  2007 – 2014
  3. Jeep Cherokee  2011 – 2016
  4. Jeep Grand Cherokee  2014 – 2016
  5. Chevy Equinox   2009 – 2017
  6.  Cadillac SRX  2010- 2016  
  7. Ford F150  2012 – 2016
  8.  Jeep Liberty  
  9.  Ford Focus  2012- 2016
  10. Chevy Sonic

These numbers are reflected in our sales of Tow Car Shields for the year.  Mr. Peabody (staff member, by the way) stepped into his Way Back Machine and discovered that before General Motors screwed up, Saturn comprised 27% of towed cars.  Trends can turn on a dime though and according to our data popularity of the Wrangler dropped precipitously in the 4th quarter.

My personal take on this data and conversations with hundreds of RV travelers is, if you are shopping for a ride to tow behind, find a low mileage certified Honda CRV and buy it.

Mitchell Schliebs

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