Evidence of fall is everywhere this time of year.dsc00719

At the top of the Mojave river drainage.


Big leaf maple backed up with poison oak.


Up the road.


“Are these bear berries?”


Silverwood lake just over the hills.dsc00718

Cleghorn behind the buckwheat


Not in a hurry.



Gold  Maple leaves against the evergreen cedars


Next generation cedar forest.


Burning bush..

On the trail with Spot

Spot at Guffy on 4th of July

Spot camped at Guffy in the San Gabriel mountains on July 4th weekend. There were only 5 other campsites occupied, which is unusual for a long weekend at a place where on a clear day Catalina Island can be seen 45 miles to the West and the Tehachapi’s stand out over the Mojave desert to the North. Of course, the wind does blow up there about supper time.

Spot got into a row with a Puma in the wee hours of Sunday and eventually led one hungry and very angry cat deep into the canyon, down near Fish Camp.  Her new friends, concerned as they were, would have to wait for another campfire to here Spot’s tail of her run to Fish Camp.  Pork chops, fried potatoes n’ broccoli and corn bread were on deck.  Good thing we brought a  WindTamer .  Cooking in the wind can be a challenge without one.

WindTamer vs. Off Road Expo 2016

WindTamer Update.  Our Kick Starter campaign is on the calendar for November 9, 2016


Upgrade and remodel your camp ground kitchen with a WindTamer


Add your email to our contact list for the Kick Starter launch.


Fuel cans go empty but the WindTamer takes alternative as well.


We’ve just wrapped up a successful showing at the Off Road Expo in Pomona this year and are simply stunned at the reception for our newest product!

We expected the WindTamer to be well received, but to have crowds of people surrounding our booth and peppering our staff with questions and comments was simply fantastic. If that wasn’t enough, we even caused a full-grown adult woman to scream out from a few booths down, “I NEED THAT! How much is it, I’ll take one RIGHT NOW!”

Which brings us to the point: We’re still working out the pricing. We know what we’re doing, but we also know it could be better. We’re currently only debuting our functional prototypes right now to gauge feedback. Our intention is to get this going on KickStarter in the next few weeks so we can raise the capital necessary to buy the tooling to make these in-house rather than third party. Not only can we bring down the manufacturing costs this way, but we can make it exactly as we envision it – not as a third party wants to make it. This is admittedly an ambitious goal, but we’re confident in our WindTamer and the need for our product out in the field.

If you’d like a WindTamer or know someone else who would, please sign up on our website for the KickStarter campaign email list. Help us random reader, you’re our only hope!