WindTamer your perfect camping stove protection

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The most significant addition to the camp ground kitchen since invention of the Coleman Stove in 1942.  WindTamer sets up fast and protects your stove and hot meals from the weather and flys, wasps and birds.  Conserves fuel and allows the use of Dutch Oven cooking, baking, pizza making, fresh bread and so much more than ever imagined with any 2 burner or 3 burner camping stove.

Century Ultimate Deluxe 2 burner and Camp Chef Sherpa, Ozark Trail, Gas One GS-2000, Eurka Spire and Coleman stoves become convection ovens when you use your WindTamer

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Coleman Stove was invented in 1942.  Until WindTamer, patent pending, there have been zero significant upgrades for the common camping stove.

WindTamer is sold direct to the camper and every owner is automatically a WindTamer Ambassador with a unique Promo Code sewn onto the Nomex shell. When your promo code is shared with fellow campers who then purchase WindTamer with your promo code a $10.00 rebate is sent to your PayPal account, or by check, whichever you prefer. 

  • Take absolute control of the weather in your campground kitchen & significantly reduce fuel cost. Your meals will survive gale force wind, rain, sleet and snow no matter a Eureka Spire, Camp Chef Teton, Gas One GS-2000 propane stove or dual fuel stove.
  • Utility and function in design. Keeps utensils, towels and more at the ready and with your Coleman or Arkansas Trail stove.
  • Dutch Oven cooking made simple inside WindTamer without fire hazard. Camp stove baking and camp stove roaster. Lodge Grills will fit the WindTamer for use with charcoal
  • Folds up flat to 2″x 32″x 18″ inside carry case. Sets up in about 90 seconds. Wind passes over the flames and away from pots and pans. Keep prepared meals hot.
  • Keeps second helpings warm and away from bugs. Camping in the snow is simplified with Ozark Trail camp stoves saves fuel
  • Built-in pockets on the side for storing kitchen utensil, spices, ingredients and sauces, or anything else you need at a moment’s notice. The other side has straps which serve as a paper towel holder, foil dispenser, or dish towel holder. Camp Chef stoves and Eureka camp stoves become part of the campground kitchen not just something on another table.
  • Trap heat and cooks by convection reducing fuel use. Bake, roast or pizzeria, its all good with WindTamer. Turn your Coleman stove into a convection oven using cast iron cookware.


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