Motorhome Bras

We use the finest 22 ounce car bra vinyl available. Your bra is fortified by covering running lights, where possible, with marine grade vinyl glass designed for full time use on the ocean.  Also, air intakes are protected with the same style bug screen used over radiators on big-rig trucks. By closing off and reinforcing these openings the body of the mask is kept snug and tight, greatly reducing vibrations and preventing excess debris from getting behind it.  
Our Motorhome bras fasten to your coach using twist fasteners across the top and along the sides.  The bottom edge is secured with our proprietary self-tensioning hooks.  After the first application our hooks never have to be reshaped.  We can adapt to pre-existing fasteners from a previous bra.  
Installation videos are on our YouTube channel
Our warranty is the strongest in the industry : Five years against defects in material and workmanship. All components are Made In America.
Because motorhomes are not built the same way cars and trucks are, manufacturers make changes that can, and do, effect the placement of mirrors, wipers, marker lights, cameras and such.  While our patterns might not always match up we compensate for that event by paying for the return shipping to make any necessary alterations to your mask.  This is particularly applicable to older models.


Whether  you wish to cover up Ugly Betty’s weathered appearance or go styling on your brand new motorhome or make easy work of cleaning bug splats and road grime from the front of your coach, a high quality RV bra.

We pioneered covering running lights and headlights with clear, marine grade vinyl glass nearly 18 years ago.  This practice, along with covering air intakes with 1/4 inch bug mesh, adds additional protection by keeping the fabric tight around all areas of the front cap, thus preventing flapping and subsequent abrasions.  Dirt and bugs cannot get behind the 22 ounce car bra fabric.


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