Tow Car Shield


Tow Car Shield is the premier protection for cars toad behind motorhomes.

20 years in production and Still Made in America with 100% Made in America materials.


The Tow Car Shield is a full coverage protector for your Toad Vehicle. Unlike a simple car bra, our Tow Car Shield protects your motor home car from below the grill to the top of the windshield and as much of the fenders as practical. The Tow Car Shield is designed to greatly reduce or eliminate common road damage like chips and cracks from rocks, scratches from dust and debris, mud, tar, and diesel splatter. It is made from a durable vinyl with a soft felted interior especially for high end car bras. It attaches to your Toad Car with proprietary ‘hooks’ that grip the body of your toad car.

Tow Car Shield is proudly constructed from 100% Made in America materials. The body fabric is 22 ounce car bra vinyl from Mississippi, and all of the webbing and mil-spec elastic is from mills located on the East Coast. The thread we use is from Texas Thread. Keeping it Made in the USA.

Every make, model and body style has its own pattern and we cannot list every pattern and variant on our website. If ordering online, you will need to type in your model. We have the patterns for all commonly towed vehicles, but if you would like to check if we have your vehicle please call or email us.  We obsolete patterns older than 12 years, but if your vehicle is older than that, give us a call, it might still be available.  Please allow for extra time to find new patterns for new-year models.

The competition pales by comparison. Road Master Tow Defender, KarGard ll Deflector, Blue OX CarGard are all pretty spendy for what you get. Warranty : Compare ours to the competition. We offer a 30 day trial and lifetime free repair or replacement. Always been that way and always will be.



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